Heat Flux - service product to manage all temperatures

Thermal design is done for a device specified by the customer.

  • initial information is studied with the customer (including maximum allowed temperatures)
  • target is modelled as a 3D-mdel
  • heat sources are set to the model (if needed, those are calculated and/or measured)
  • heating and fluid flows are simulated (conduction, radiation and convection)
  • results are verified by testing when needed
  • preliminary results are studied together the customer, and initial information is changed if needed
  • results are documented, presented and delivered to the customer.


Timely issues

We have strenghtened our service offering with layout design provided by a experienced fulltime PADS PCB-designer.

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We do

  • project management 
  • system engineering
  • electronics engineering 
  • software engineering
  • mechanics engineering
  • thermal engineering
  • EMI/EMC-engineering
  • troubleshooting