Service Products

Our productionized service concept consists of modular phases, so the customer knows already when placing the order what the end-result will be.

To verify we really will produce a solutions that helps the customer, we do during the sales phase a preliminary requirements specification. Based on specification we do know all the needed working phases with timelines, and we are able to give the price and delivery date.

With us, the customer knows when placing the order, what the result will be, when it is delivered and what is the price.  

Product Description
DeltaT Simulate temperatures
Calorie   Measure heat dissipation using special test setup  
Heat Flux   Thermal design to manage temperature  


Timely issues

We have strenghtened our service offering with layout design provided by a experienced fulltime PADS PCB-designer.

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We do

  • project management 
  • system engineering
  • electronics engineering 
  • software engineering
  • mechanics engineering
  • thermal engineering
  • EMI/EMC-engineering
  • troubleshooting