Service Production

Our service is based on professional sales and well-done specification, which is done together with the customer before starting the delivery project.

Projects are managed by an experienced project  manager, keeping customers well informed.

Our production is based on carefully defined processes and service modules; we are implementing all the time new service products so buying, selling and delivering is more convenient.

Projects that are of product development type, verification is important. Thus we have own laboratory with all needed measurement equipment and experienced employees to use those.

We have all the needed software tools to design electronics, (embedded) software and mechanics. Mechanics design is done mainly utilizing 3D-modelling, thermal design is done using Comsol Multiphysics software.

Timely issues

We have strenghtened our service offering with layout design provided by a experienced fulltime PADS PCB-designer.

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We do

  • project management 
  • system engineering
  • electronics engineering 
  • software engineering
  • mechanics engineering
  • thermal engineering
  • EMI/EMC-engineering
  • troubleshooting