DooSolutions Oy provides electronics based solutions for the industry

"DooSolutions Oy is engineering service provider specialiced on solutions. Our product is engineering service; we deliver prototypes, small production series and participate also on testing when needed."

We carry out carefully verified projects, supporting our customers business, on time. We focus on every assignment to provide good and professional service.

We do embedded systems, power supplies and various types of converters in a quick schedule. We combine our comprehensive know-how into clever solutions to boost our customers business; based on modern electronics, embedded software and power electronics wrapped into compact enclosure with well balanced thermal behaviour and reliability.

Timely issues

We have strenghtened our service offering with layout design provided by a experienced fulltime PADS PCB-designer.

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We do

  • project management 
  • system engineering
  • electronics engineering 
  • software engineering
  • mechanics engineering
  • thermal engineering
  • EMI/EMC-engineering
  • troubleshooting