The Company

We are an engineering company with modern processes; thus we are able to provide good and stable quality. We operate according to ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality standards.

Our service is based on long experience to specify, design, implement and test electronics devices into industrial environment. We work mainly on product development, and our service production delivers product development assignments based on conceptual work methods.

We operate from Hakkila, Vantaa Finland providing services for all the customers who want to utilize modern electronics, embedded software and clever product concepts in their own business solutions.

When needed, we use our extensive network for our customers good. In Estonia we have small office of experienced engineers. 



Timely issues

We have strenghtened our service offering with layout design provided by a experienced fulltime PADS PCB-designer.

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We do

  • project management 
  • system engineering
  • electronics engineering 
  • software engineering
  • mechanics engineering
  • thermal engineering
  • EMI/EMC-engineering
  • troubleshooting